The Athlete's health shield

Athlete centric management

ATHLETin is a web and mobile application of the AMS (Athlete Monitoring System) type resulting from scientific research in Sports Sciences and Applied Sciences, the objective of which is to provide tools for agile monitoring of the well-being of the Athlete and to quantify its load as a function of the efforts made in the face of the multifactorality of the solicitations.

In order to optimize the management of the training load, a better knowledge of the factors predicting the risk of injury is necessary.

The development of the application is based on the design of intelligent software facilitating monitoring and decision-making based on Data Sciences (multidisciplinary use of the data collected) and artificial intelligence at the service of 4P medicine ( Predictive, Preventive, Personalized and Participatory).

A new paradigm

The ATHLETin application works with perceptual psycho-markers

  • quantification is more precise
  • quantification is more economical
  • quantification becomes less time consuming
  • quantification is dematerialized

Personalization of the follow-up

considering the Athlete in all his facets and in all circumstances, ATHLETin

quantifies the training load

prevents injuries

personalizes the follow-up

centralizes the communication

Train more without injuries

- 74%


The players at the Training Center were injured, on average, 1.9 times in a match over a season, while with the ATHLETin application, the players suffered only 0.5 injuries per match on average over the following seasons.

- 18%

Medical fees

The use of ATHLETin allowed by comparing 2 seasons at the Training Center:

  • an 18% reduction in terms of medical consultations
  • a decrease of 39% in terms of physiotherapy sessions
  • a decrease of 16% in terms of medical imaging

- 60%

Physiotherapy costs

The number of physiotherapy sessions per athlete has increased from 17 to 10 sessions thanks to the use of the ATHLETin application.

- 22%

General medical costs

The training center saved 5,500 € in general medical costs. Thanks to the ATHLETin application the individual cost per athlete was 560 € instead of 720 € the previous season.

+ 58%

Time saving

By using the ATHLETin application, the training center coaches won in one season:

  • 56% of time in the management of training preparation and decision-making stages
  • 92% of time in training control thanks to the decision support system
  • 67% of time in training follow-up
  • 25% of time in the management of dashboards
  • 73% time in data processing and analysis

The annual value of the equivalent workload carried out by a technician without the ATHLETin application amounts to 10,000 €.


ATHLETin is aimed at the supervision of Athletes trained at least three times a week. Participation in competitions is considered as additional sessions to the three training sessions.

The main users:

  • those responsible for the well-being of the Athlete (sports supervision, school referent, parents)
  • medical and paramedical workers who practice 4P Medicine ( Predictive, Preventive, Personalized and Participatory)

The process

Tests & Evaluation

  • biological data
  • physiological and metabolic data
  • time and motion data

Day by day data collect

  • questionnaire on psychoperceptive markers to be completed session after session, day after day
  • analysis with scientific algorithms

Health scan

  • statistics
  • well-being
  • medical check

Athletes in better health to perform

The results observed on Athletes using the ATHLETin application

  • overall better balanced
  • more available because less injured over the whole season
  • decrease in medical expenses
  • less frequent re-athletic sessions
  • optimization of all training periods
  • general performance improvement


A scientific program until 2024

“The most important element in injury prevention (…) is the optimal management of the training load” Buckthorpe *.

In order to optimize this management of the training load, a better knowledge of the factors predicting the risk of injury is necessary.

Until 2024, a cluster of researchers is studying the predictive factors on more than 200 Belgian and Luxembourg athletes.


Market survey

Until December 18, ATHLETin is surveying nearly 2,000 physical health professionals active in the supervision of Athletes in Belgium and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

The objective of the market research is to get an idea of the tools and resources available to monitor the physical health and general well-being of Athletes.

If you are active in supervising athletes, we invite you to participate in the study by answering the list of questions written on the form; it will take you less than 5 minutes to complete it.


The development of the ATHLETin application and scientific research program requires substantial financial resources.

To contribute to the financing of the start-up ATHLETin, the partnership policy allows companies to invest and obtain ROI in accordance with its objectives.

ATHLETin has developed a flexible collaboration program for companies active within the eco-system of e-health or physical health.