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ATHLETin web app

The ATHLETin web app is a securely accessible cloud AMS (athlete monitoring system) for analyzing, quantifying and planning the workload of sessions with your Athletes.

The creation of your training sessions or matches works according to a simple and intuitive system that saves time to get to the point.

Performance indicators resulting from our research collected thanks to connected tools interfaced by API provide the internal and external data of the Athlete on a dashboard.

The Web App includes a module to exchange / communicate between the different members of the staff and the Athletes.

The medical function makes it possible to consult the Athlete’s medical file and to authorized persons to remotely manage his re-athletics in the event of injuries. The multidisciplinary exploitation of data (Data Sciences) and the use artificial intelligence are at the service of 4P medicine (Predictive, Preventive, Personalized and Participatory).






The scan of the athlete's health

The ATHLETin app provides an instant scan of the Athlete’s well-being by processing the data collected day after day. In real time, you learn about the health of your Athletes.

The scan is a tool for monitoring and identifying elements of mental health, physical health and extrasport factors essential to the well-being of the Athlete.

The scan allows you to personalize or globalize your approach in the context of decision-making regarding the training load and the prevention of injuries in your search for the keys to the performance of your Athletes.

ATHLETin, a disruptive approach

  • Considering the multifactorial nature of the Athlete’s requests
  • Focusing the Athlete at the Center of the Process
  • Providing relevant and effective solutions to field users
  • Allowing statistical analyzes in line with multifactoriality
  • Remote quantification (thanks to dematerialization)
  • Generating personal data useful for the well-being of the Athlete
  • Supporting decision-making with the shield of scientifically proven data

The post beta version

Available from June 2022.

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